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About us

On our site you have the opportunity to familiarize youself with an assortment of bakery, and we'll tell you about our company and the history of its successful development.

In the gallery you will be able to see more all products produced by our bakery.

The Mission of our company is to satisfy the daily needs of the broadest range of consumers, with a wonderful assortment of bakery and confectionery products -result of the highest craftsmanship of our bakers. And at the same time, we would like to give a taste to the most ordinary day.

Our commitments

Among our employees, only those, who really loves his job. Our bakers regularly visit various master classes and refresher courses.

We always use only fresh and natural products for our baking. With our products you will be able to treat as a small child, and the most demanding gourmet.

Our bakers


Founder of the bakery, graduated from the French culinary school


The chef, studied bakery art in Italy


Sous-chef, graduated from the French culinary school


Sales Manager, an experienced Baker

Our bakery product range is very wide, we offer 40 types of bakery products and 200 kinds of confectionery. All our products are produced according to our own original recipes. In order to satisfy all of our customers, we continually offer new and new types of bakery products. Our bakery appreciates each of you we accept custom orders for manufacture of bakery and confectionery products.  In the manufacture of our confectionery we do not use harmful dyes or preservatives; cake cream is whipped direct to day of baking products, and our products are always fresh.

Jobs available


If you are communicative and creative, if you know how to develop a company, we look forward to seeing you.


If you are responsible and willing to organize holidays and events for clients, this job is for you.


If you like and want to work with dough, to create culinary masterpieces, we look forward to seeing you.

We deliver balmy bread right
to your door